Our Get Connected Page 

Contact A Place in Time at 954-435-7474
for our current list of groups and activities.  
If you would like to volunteer at A Place in Time, we would love to hear from you.  For volunteer opportunities, please call us at 954-435-7474
or contact Donna MacDonald at  
If you know of a resource that may help someone during an ER time of life or over a speed bump, we are on a mission to explore the many resources that are already available in and around A Place in Time!  
We love to connect people to resources that bring HOPE.  
Perhaps your church as a great children’s program, small group or practical ministry?  Perhaps you know of a social service or practical resource? Perhaps you run a grief share group, addiction program, life skill program, etc?  Perhaps something just comes to mind as you read this sentence?  Please feel free to contact us with your ideas
at 954-435-7474.


General Contact at A Place In Time or (954) 435-7474


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